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Whole Food Nutrition, Please!

Yoga is a practice dedicated to the mind, body and spirit… so it only makes sense that, as a yogi, you’d want to fuel your body with the nutrients it was designed to consume! Bridge the gap between what you eat and what you SHOULD eat with whole food capsules… 30+ fruits, vegetables and grains! Want some more information? Click this link or ask me more!

Shake Things Up

Shakes and smoothies are all the rage (for good reason), but it can be difficult to know which products are clean… and which aren’t. Complete shakes and smoothies are packed with whole food balanced nutrition ā€” AND 13 grams of minimally processed, water-washed soy and natural protein (ask me why that matters… it does)! Click this link for more information, or ask me more!

Merchandise… Represent!

Want to represent yoga in Montevideo? Ask about our Spring Yoga tanks, shirts and tote bags! More information ā€” and products ā€” coming soon!

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